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For Feast Magazine it has been a journey of discovery over the last 15 years. In our reporting of success, innovation and leadership we’ve celebrated product breakthroughs, cutting edge ideas, and the industry’s key forward-thinkers to remain an important asset to the market and our passionate readership.

It’s a decade and a half that we’re immensely proud of. But we’ve never stood still. We look ahead with excitement as UK industry moves into a new chapter outside the European Union. Despite a period of uncertainty, ambition continues to drive us – like you – forward. And Feast Magazine, as we have always done, will endeavour to spotlight the best and the boldest while supporting initiatives to drive the next generation of creative thinkers and business leaders alongside the discovery of the radical and the revolutionary.

Our reputation speaks for itself. But we don’t rest on our laurels. We’ve evolved as well; our fluidity with the marketplace indicative of our understanding of it. As we raise a glass to our 15th anniversary, we look forward to building upon the relationships we’ve established within the industry and discover new ones to continue to deliver to you – our readers – insightful coverage of what matters the most.

“Every one of the team at Feast Magazine – past and present – has enjoyed a passion for the great range of sectors we cover. That’s what has set us apart. It’s why we are able to pride ourselves on not only unveiling new ideas but being at the forefront of trends.”

“Whether it’s recognisable brands or artisanal start-ups, our focus doesn’t waver from a devotion to discovery; helping to drive UK business through a resource that adds value and insightful insider knowledge.”

Editor, Feast Magazine

Adam Patchell | Magazine Manager | E-Mail

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