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Sell your laptop has been built in recognition of the value we hold in our laptops until they are replaced by new ones. In a world where high ticket items like laptops seem to lose their value with almost immediate effect yet more and more people are looking for access to short term loans and immediate cash, there is a clear opportunity to sell the traditional technical value of a laptop (regardless of age or use) in a quick, efficient and secure manner. Our old laptops tend to be disregarded, forgotten about and left until they are eventually labelled as ‘trash’. What we forget, is that even our oldest laptops have a value. Ten years ago, laptops held new technology, valuable parts and assets and from the laptops sold them through to those sold now, all of those parts have a value if put in the right hands. Sell your laptop connects the individuals who will see the most value in old laptops to the consumers who will look to sell them for some quick, additional income to support their purchases, spending or lifestyle.

Here are some reasons to use Sell your laptop.


Many of our users will simply use our service to access cash and knowing that offers users more cash that its competitors will be a strong selling point for the majority of people we engage with.


Some of our users will not need, nor will they be motivated by the money we offer as part of our service but will feel socially obliged to recycle, or simply dispose of their laptop effectively. Recycling laptops will ultimately help our environment and it is important that we refer to this as a soft benefit to our core users and a key benefit to those individuals that are not motivated by the financial incentives we offer.


As a nation, we have become comfortable with the notion of exchanging our cars and upgrading our phones yet the concept of handing in your old laptop to get payment towards a new one has not yet been fully embraced. By raising awareness of the benefits this can bring, can position themselves as the pioneer for this and as such, get mass market uptake for this service.

Pay it Forward

Whilst it is hard for many of us to imagine, there are still lots of people in the UK that do not have a personal laptop and are without regular access to the internet. Apart from the financial gain we can offer users, many of clients will feel engaged by the concept of passing their laptop on to someone who otherwise might not be able to have access to a laptop or the internet

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