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Relationship Driven Recruitment

Source People are a Yorkshire based recruitment firm, specialising in the sourcing of high quality candidates to sales, business development, and customer service markets.  Over the past few years we’ve seen the majority of firms, both global and local, treating recruitment as a numbers game to score a transfer fee which in-turn leads to lower quality placements and also results in candidates leaving much more frequently.  We stand out, as our main ethos at Source People is to bring back the focus on building strong relationships in recruitment with both clients and candidates.

The three general key areas of importance are volume, quality, and retention.  It sounds obvious, but can be a very difficult balance to manage. With our clients, we often find upon attempting to focus on all three leads to one of them slipping, which then results in extra focus on the area that slipped, resulting in quality as a whole dipping.

As a client, we work with you on every candidate sent to perfect the relationship between ourselves; this is imperative to leaning your preferred applicant traits, roles, previous company experience that will drive the process to become much more streamlined.

As a candidate, we will ensure that any role we discuss with you will be perfectly tailored to not only your skill set but your career aspirations and preferred industries to ensure you have a happy and successful career

“The quality and service levels have been above and beyond. Every candidate knew the role inside and out and were perfectly suited in their own way. They also spoke about you in high regards with the effort you put in, so kudos. You went above and beyond to ensure we were actively updated and every process aligned with our company goals.”

Karl Lynn | HR Director | CHP Publishing

James Scurrah | Director | E-Mail

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