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Transport & Logistics Magazine (T&L) is a nationally distributed monthly publication. Each month we cover every facet of logistics to bring you the latest news from UK companies big and small. Covering key issues concerning major business development, new technology to the newest environmental legislation and health & safety advances.

Transport and Logistics (T&L) leads from the front in this fast moving industry. As one of the UK’s top publications looking at freight, shipping, supply chain, warehousing, fleet, bus & coach, aviation, rail and of-course road haulage; the magazine features the biggest names in the industry to put you at the forefront of it all.

“Thank you for this great opportunity.  It’s been brilliant working with you and thanks again for making the process so easy for us – you made it simple right from the start!  The  feature has received great feedback and we very much hope to work with you again in the future.”

Ellena Austin | Marketing | Yusen Logistics (UK) Ltd

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